UnitConverter MIDlet

A unit conversion MIDlet for Java compatible devices.

Page updated: 10/06-2005 (screenshots uploaded)

Current version: 1.0.7

Copyright:Kåre Hampf, khampf(at)users.sourceforge.net

Availability: Released under an artistic open source license, includes software released under GPL and wich is free only for non-commercial use.

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  1. What is it?
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What is it?

A Java J2ME MIDlet application for conversion between different categories of units, for example length and temperature. Some non-standard ones have been included, for example more or less "swedish" miles, i.e. 100km. Others have been left as their standard names, for example with volumes, one cubic centimeter equals one milliliter, therefore the latter only is included.

I developed this software using the following:

UnitConverter uses the "Real.java" library

Also, a big thanks to Daniel "debug" Sjöblom for coding tips

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I've uploaded some screenshots to sourceforge and they can be viewed here.

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UnitConverter should work on all relatively modern Java compatible devices such as mobile phones.

I needed this software for my otherwise nifty Nokia 5140 mobile phone and this is really the only device I know my software works perfectly on. I had to work a lot with the quick-access buttons (those with custom labels at the bottom of the display). The API says it works one way, verything comes out in a different way in the Nokia SDK emulator. Then, on the real phone it looks yet another way. Yep, let's call it a standard.

Basically even though the 5140 has CLCD-1.1 (with floating point arithmetics) I've used a library to emulate everything on CLDC-1.0. If you benefit from this you can thank Nokia for releasing a CLCD-1.0 only emulator for their CLCD-1.1 products. I guess they used the Linux SDK as eyecandy more than work.

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The keys will probably be screwed up on other units than Nokia Series 40 mobile phones, contact me and I'll make a quick-access keylayout for your device if this is the case

The user interface will look stupid on bigger displays than 128x128 pixels, this is also easily taken care of in case anyone wants to use it on a device with a bigger LCD. I will combine my two screen layout into a single screen one. If someone asks for it that is, I don't need it myself.

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The project is hosted at sourceforge and the files can be downloaded at this page

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You can read this by clicking on the version number at the download screen.

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As I already use this software quite often and it works great for me I will probably mainly add more units and perhaps some categories for conversions. The software should teorethically work on most modern Java compatible devices but needs some small adjustments made in for other than the one I use, only the layout of some access buttons and the GUI needs a bump, piece of cake. Contact me and I'll make a version that works on your device(s) too.

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Contact info

Feedback is very welcome!

<khampf (at) users.sourceforge.net>

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